Electricity shortage is a huge problem that is occurring in Manila.  A lot of families are not fortunate to have the ability to use a light source.  They barely have sunlight inside of their “shacks” during the day, because their “houses are so close together, with metal roofing that all the light is blocked off and no light reaches the homes even during daylight!”

That’s when Solar Bottle Bulbs comes into play.  Solar Bottle Bulbs are really innovative and easily accessible.   Students of the Massachusetts institute of Technology created the idea of Solar Bottle Bulbs, while trying to better the communities of developing like the Philippines and Brazil.

This invention is like a blessing to the unfortunate in these small communities.  They’re really cheap and easy to make.  These Solar Bulbs will give each house hold the exact amount of light as a 55 watts light bulb, helping the families with the ability to work throughout the night while inside of their house.  Many families went to sleep early, because light was not available.  Now nights will not have to end early!

Instructions On How to Create A Solar Bottle Bulb!


The pros of the Solar Bottle Bulb out weighs the cons of the Solar Bottle Bulb. The con of the Solar Bottle Bulb is that the solution inside the bottle needs to be changed every 5 years. If not changed, obviously the solution would not reflect light.

The pros of the Solar Bottle Bulb is that you have a great supply of light for a cheap price.  Each Solar Bottle Bulb cost roughly around $2-$3 for each lighting system.  There’s no problem with faulty wiring in electricity, because no electrical supplies are needed for this to work.  They are also eco-friendly, and releases no pollutants.

This also ties into T. Boone Pickens speach ”Leadership and Getting Things Done: Reflections on a Lifetime of Comebacks and America’s Energy Future.”  He talks about how he wants to make a change in environment and better the world by using natural oils that doesn’t put out much pollutants.  We are using an expensive oil called OPEC oil, which is very expensive and is not the best for the environment. Using Solar Bottle Bulbs is a great way to help the environment.  It is really cheap and it is eco-friendly.

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T. Boone Pickens Speach ”Leadership and Getting Things Done: Reflections on a Lifetime of Comebacks and America’s Energy Future.”